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Friday, September 30, 2011

When we lose a pet

Tonight we learned of another traveling companion who crossed over rainbow bridge.  Max and Checkers from the Bayfield Bunch, earlier this year, and now Whiskey from Kevin and Ruth’s travels…………It brought back very vivid memories of that day we lost our Maggie…………….I went back and looked at the web site that helped us so much get thru those days. 
We now have a great new buddy, Tucker George, not really so new he’s 5 years old, and he is the light of our life. We do feel so badly for those who lose pets, they are such a very big part of our lives……….. 
We put in a flower garden in our back yard and Maggie is buried there. “Maggie's Garden”  Her garden has grown into an awesome tribute to an awesome dog.
I hope that Mags has a new friend tonight to play with………Whiskey.  

In 2006 I wrote this post on Golden Babies, a golden Retriever web site.  These great folks helped us get thru the pain of loss we had.   Even as I read the post I wrote it brings back memories of a golden girl I still miss today…
Maggie our sweet Maggie. passed away Last Sunday morning of Cancer. She passed the day before her 14th birthday. It was 2am at the vet when we new it was time. We held her as she slipped away from us and our best friend was gone. Our daughters were to have a birthday party that afternoon but the guest of honor could not attend. God had other plans. They had ordered a cake that now sits in the freezer. You can imagine our girls faces when we had to tell them that the pup they had grown up with was gone.
Mags was like most of these wonderful pets that give unconditional
love and ask nothing in return. She loved to ride in the truck and would haul outside in a hurry at the words "Car Ride" She loved to ride out in the country and she loved to bark at cows when we passed the farms in the Indiana country side. Why cows, not horses or pigs she just loved to bark at cows.
We have had 3 goldens before Maggie and she was the standout. She slept next to me beside the bed for more than 10 years. Waited at the door when I came home from work every day. Monday was the hardest day of my life. I new she would not be there waiting. I will miss her greatly, the house feels so empty without her. I know she is in a better place and she is free of the pain she hid so well. It broke my heart to watch her struggle to come up the stairs at night to sleep next to me. But it was something she just had to do. I just can't believe she is gone! We will burry her in back yard in the butterfly garden my wife is putting together I can see the plaque already it will read "Maggie's Garden"
We may get another Golden in time but not for awhile. Maggie, I miss you so very very much. Yes so very much!

Here’s looking at you kid…………………………….


Merikay said...

Brings back memories of three wonderful dogs that I have had to hold for the last time. Choking up as I think of them. Petless by choice these days.

Sue and Doug said...

what a lovely tribute to your Maggie..brings tears to my eyes..once a golden touches your heart there are no other dogs that can do the sorry to hear about Whiskey..I will stop by Kevin and Ruth's blog and offer a big 'cyber hug'..

Kevin and Ruth said...

You had me in tears once again. That was such a nice post. It is so hard to believe that we can get so attached to a dog (or any pet) so easily. They become part of the family and it is so hard to say goodbye. Maggie sounded like she was such a devoted dog, much like Whiskey was. There will be a whole in our heart for some time to come but we have many happy memories of her that will continue on for a lifetime.

Kevin and Ruth