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Friday, April 27, 2012

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

Going from 2500 sq. ft. of living space, to a 37 ft. rig
   Much to our delight, our house is sold after only 5 days of being on the market. This took us totally by surprise as we fully expected for it to be up for sale for a few months at the very least.
   Our closing is in 1 month after which we have 10 days to vacate the premises.
   The "Suite Pea" is presently sitting in our driveway.


   I've started loading what I can into it. Believe me when I say that no matter how much you've purged beforehand, it's not enough.
   I am presently going room by room, of which we have 13, not to mention an attic and garage, and putting items into 8 different piles.
   My piles are named too. Mom, Kristi, Leslie, Bobbi, Yard Sale, Goodwill, RV and Trash. Every item in every room is presently being moved to one of those piles.
   Thank goodness next Monday is heavy trash pick-up and the neighborhood garage sale is May 5th. Talk about good timing!
   We've already reserved our site at Lake Haven Retreat in Indianapolis. Lot #100 will be our new home until Don's retirement.
   I've also noticed that our "To Do Lists" (his and mine), appear to be getting longer and longer. I didn't think it was supposed to work that way.
   That being said, I gotta run.

   Here's looking at you kid.............................

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The House Is On The Market!

   It's been 5 years in the making but our home in Greenwood, Indiana is finally up for sale. Our real estate agent from F.C. Tucker put the sign up in front of the house last Monday.

   Since then, there has been no rest for the wicked. Literally. If we're not laying awake half the night thinking up "What If" scenarios, (that would be Don, mostly), then we're trying to get our housework and yard work done around showings.
   We'd forgotten how much stress and work was involved in selling a house, after all, it's been 19 years since we'd moved into our present home.
   They say the market for existing homes in our county is improving and at this time there are fewer homes available to buyers presently looking to purchase. Hope that's a true statement. Maybe we'll get lucky from the Open House we have scheduled for this Sunday.

   Wish us luck!

Here's looking at you kid................................

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


   It's been a while since either Don or I have posted on our blog.
   Much has been happening with us these past few months.

  I had found myself dealing with a health issue that consumed much of my time and energy. With the love and support of Don, our family, dear friends, and God's healing grace, I'm beginning to feel whole once more.

 We also became grandparents again (for the 7th time). Our middle daughter Leslie & son-in-law Jeff have become first time parents. We welcomed little Ava Grace into our family on March 11. Ava was born on her mama's 35th birthday. How special is that?!

   Don has been very hard at work on and around the house. Painting, updating two bathrooms, ripping out old carpet and a few other odd jobs. He's trying to make our home as attractive as possible to sell in todays' lousy housing market.
   As for me, well I just keep busy by adding to Don's "Honey Do" list and supervising his efforts. What a great gig, eh?
   We will be meeting with our realtor on Fri. April 13th to discuss listing our house. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can sell AND make a descent profit. Wish us luck.

   Here's looking at you kid.........................