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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The House Is On The Market!

   It's been 5 years in the making but our home in Greenwood, Indiana is finally up for sale. Our real estate agent from F.C. Tucker put the sign up in front of the house last Monday.

   Since then, there has been no rest for the wicked. Literally. If we're not laying awake half the night thinking up "What If" scenarios, (that would be Don, mostly), then we're trying to get our housework and yard work done around showings.
   We'd forgotten how much stress and work was involved in selling a house, after all, it's been 19 years since we'd moved into our present home.
   They say the market for existing homes in our county is improving and at this time there are fewer homes available to buyers presently looking to purchase. Hope that's a true statement. Maybe we'll get lucky from the Open House we have scheduled for this Sunday.

   Wish us luck!

Here's looking at you kid................................


Judy and Emma said...

Best wishes for a quick sale!

Kyle's Kastle said...

We are in the same boat... house went up for sale April 2nd. We decided after I was washing floors at 5am before work in advance of showings....we moved into the 5th in the yard with the dog hence no more doggy foot prints in the house. Just use the dishwasher and bathrooms! Good luck with your showings. Ray and Deb

Donna K said...

Hope you have a quick and easy sale.

Merikay said...

Good luck! It will probaby take us five more before Craig finishes all the projects he has in mind. I keep saying, just do what is necessary, but we don't agree on what that is.

Sue and Doug said...

hope the open house goes well and you get a buyer quickly!!!