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Sunday, March 23, 2008


   "Hi my name is Mooch, I'm a Treat-a-holic. I can't stand to see the pantry door being opened. It drives me nuts! I know there are bags of the "Good Life Recipe" treats in there and I need them, I NEED THEM I TELL YA".........
   Yes, we are embarrassed to admit it, but our 15 lb (and growing),tabby, has an addiction and we are his willing enablers.


   "Hi my Name is Tucker, I keep hearing that I'm moving but I ain't seen anything pull up in the driveway yet! Dad, says were moving into something called a fifth wheel. "What the heck is a Fifth Wheel?"
  Tucker's our year and half old Golden Retriever, who doesn't know that he's adopted. When you meet him please don't let on that you know. He supports and practices "the family bed" theory (and the family table theory too, now that I think of it.) Tuck's motto, "I get dibs riding shotgun."

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Truck is In

   The salesman said the truck would be here in about 10 weeks. That changed on Friday when after 2 weeks, Stacey, from the local Ford Dealership called and said, "Monday the truck will be in......" "Stacey, it ain't been 10 weeks." Well, with the way the economy is, they are completing truck orders a little quicker. I was shocked to say the least. Now I'll own 3 trucks. I take delivery at the end of the month. Gayle wanted auto start and they have to do the bed liner. I'll put the hitch on and maybe add some graphics to match the Mobile Suites. I wonder if the Suite is coming along quicker too?????

Friday, March 7, 2008

Gayle, retires after 30 years at Allison Transmission, Leaves for Florida, Don Stays home!

   Yes, its true. Gayle has left the building. After 30 years she has called it a career. I can't knock the smile off her face. She retired on February 29th and headed for Florida the next day. Ah, that was planned. She and her girlfriends from the old softball team are doing an early spring getaway. Hope she is having a good time cause its snowing here!

Well the Wagon has been ordered

   After months and months of looking, we have settled on a fifth wheel. It's funny because this was one of the first ones we looked at back in the Summer of 07'. We have looked at many motorcoaches and 5'ers. Mobile Suites by Doubletree, came out on top. Lots of storage, lots of room to move around in! We ordered it from Walnut Ridge in New Castle, Indiana. What a dealer. Jake Davis walked us around on a Saturday last summer and we stayed in contact with him throughout the winter. As I said we looked at lots of RV's and talked to many dealers. There are some very good dealerships out there with great products. But in the end, Mobile Suites won hands down.