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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blog is on the Move.....

After looking over our Blog options we have decided to move As Time Goes Bye to Wordpress so, here is the new link

Hope to see ya there..............

Here's looking at you kid

Monday, August 27, 2012

USS Indianapolis Museum

   Last weekend when our GPS had us driving around in circles looking for The 100 Acre Park, Don had spotted a billboard advertising the USS Indianapolis Museum. We've lived in the Indy area for 24 years and never knew there was one. I made a mental note about it.
   A little research this past week on the museum lead me to the Indianapolis War Memorial downtown on the Military Park Square. We decided we would check it out on Saturday.And check it out we did.
   The War Memorial is quite a beautiful work of architecture. It covers 5 city blocks and was conceived in 1919 to honor our WWI vets. Admission is free. Donations are accepted. Please conduct yourself with reverence.
  Upon entering we were led to a replica of the USS Indianapolis's radio room by a very eager and knowledgeable volunteer. He took great pride in explaining all the different equipment and how it would've been used on board ship.

    We even learned how the term "A cup of Joe" originated. In 1914, then Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels banned the serving of alcohol on naval ships leaving sailors to imbibe of the next strongest drink on board, coffee.

   So what began as a tribute to our returning World War I veterans came to encompass all the United States veterans who ever fought in any American war beginning with the Revolutionary War.

   We were surprised to learn that  Revolutionary War battles had been fought right here in Indiana. We had no idea that battles had raged this far west so early in the birth of our nation. We also learned that at the Siege of Fort Sackville in Vincennes, George Rogers Clark seized control of the fort from the British thus ensuring Clark's reputation as an early American military hero.

   We listened to a recording of Franklin Delano Roosevelt over an old time radio announcing the attack on Pearl Harbor and America entering into World War II. We saw many life size dioramas depicting battle scenes, Buffalo soldiers, MASH medical units, the Salvation Army, Ernie Pyle, a replica of the bunker that Saddam Hussein was hiding in when he was finally located, and so much more. Every war from the Revolution to present day Afghanistan was depicted.

   Of course, the Memorial wouldn't be complete without a tribute to honor our fallen from 9-11. I stood memorized before a steel beam that had come from the World Trade Center, remembering that dreadful day still so fresh in America's consciousness.

   I plan to take my father, a Korean War vet, here when he comes to visit in October. I think he will be very impressed and humbled, like we were.


   Here's looking at you kid......................................................

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

IMA's 100 Acre Park

   It looked to be a beautiful weekend. The heat had subsided, the humidity was low, and no rain in sight. We decided it was a perfect day to take our four-legged "son" for a hike.

   I suggested the Indianapolis Museum of Art's 100 Acre Park. I had seen it advertised and thought it'd be fun and interesting. "Let's make an afternoon of it. I'll pack us a picnic lunch," I said. Don and Tucker agreed.
   We loaded up the truck, plugged the address into the trucks GPS and off we went.

   An hour later and we were back at the IUPUI campus for the third time. Obviously our GPS didn't know the difference between Michigan Street and Michigan Road. Tucker was getting restless and Don was getting impatient. He even insinuated that the 100 Acre Park must be a figment of my imagination. But I was adamant. I knew I'd seen it on tv and in the newspaper.
   Ding, ding, ding, ding. The light bulb over my head goes on. I have an idea.
   I punched the IMA's address into the Mapquest app on my iPhone and wha-la, we're not any where near our destination. I turn on the speaker and off we go, again (through some of the grittier parts of town, but hey, it's the fastest route).
   We arrived! We pile out. Don puts on his day pack and puts Tucker on his leash. I don my fanny pack and the hike commences.

   The park opened in June 2010. There are perhaps a dozen different artworks scattered within the park perimeters. Some functional, some whimsical, all are pleasurable.

   There is Indy Island, a fully inhabitable experimental living structure. Residents customize the interior to suit their anticipated needs, then test their hypothesis by inhabiting the island in the Summer.

   Bench Around the Lake is a series of 15 vivid yellow benches placed in different areas of the park. We got the biggest kick out of this one. Looks like Mother Nature dropped a boulder on it! HaHa! Glad we weren't sitting there when it happened!

   There are two exhibits in The Meadow that the children really seem to enjoy. Funky Bones, a group of 20 "bones" that depict a giant human skeleton, and Chop Stick, a tree branch-like formation with tables, swings and a concession stand.

    Free Basket is a hit with the older kids. They can bring their basketballs and make up their own version of the game on this atypical court.

   I found the Eden II intriguing. A large, imposing ship emerging from the depths of 100 Acres Lake.

   This marks the entry way to Park of the Laments. A square within a square composed of flowers, shrubs and trees. There are limestone benches to sit upon for moments of quiet contemplation.

    On the Mall is a widely recognized work of art. The LOVE sculpture. This is the spot our youngest daughter and son-in-law chose to have their engagement photos taken. Fitting, don't you think?

    This is only a small selection of the art on display here. There's also the Lily House with it's beautiful formal gardens and Allee. The Greenhouse Shop, the Waller Bridge, the Marsh Cove and the Wetlands. Over 3 miles of pathways to stroll.

    We had a very pleasant afternoon. We'll be back. I'll bet this park is just gorgeous in the Fall.

   Here's looking at you kid......................

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Week From Hell or Serving Time in Purgatory

   Don took a week of vacation time so we could take the Suite Pea back to the manufacturer (DRV) for repair work on the bedroom slide. We also had an appointment with Tiara RV Service Center for updates to our rig.
   We arrived Sunday afternoon in Howe, IN and set up in the parking lot at DRV where they offer a 50A plug in to rigs they are servicing.

   Friends of ours we met through the Indiana Chapter of Escapees invited us over to their campsite for dinner. One of the few highlights of this trip; where they laid out a spread of fish tacos, assorted salads and dessert. The tacos were made from fresh Halibut that a member had caught while in Alaska. What a delicious treat that was!
   We visited into the evening, catching up with each others lives then back to our rig we headed to get some shut eye prior to our 5 AM wake up call.

   And it's mostly downhill from there on in.

   Monday 5 AM: Roll out of bed. Get cleaned up. Leave the rig for the day while it's in the shop.
   Monday 2:30 PM: Return to DRV at the end of their shift. Work crew perplexed. Slide not fixed. Sleep in parking lot.

   Tuesday 5 AM: Roll out of bed. Get cleaned up. Leave rig for the day while it's in the shop.
   Tuesday 2:30 PM: Return to DRV at the end of their shift. Work crew perplexed. Slide not fixed, however, DRV has decided to call in reinforcements. Lippert Components to take a gander at it. Sleep in parking lot.

   Wednesday 5 AM: Roll out of bed. Get cleaned up. Leave the rig for the day while it's in the shop.
   Wednesday 2:30 PM: Return to DRV at the end of their shift. We're told the slide is fixed. Lippert replaced the hydraulic actuators. We hook up, pull out and head for Elkhart, IN and Tiara RV Service Center for the upgrades we want to have done.

   Thursday 6 AM: Aah! An extra hour of sleep. Roll out of bed. Get cleaned up. Leave rig for the day while it's in the shop.
   Thursday 5 PM: Return to Tiara at the end of their shift. Second AC still not installed. Chimney fan for refrigerator still not installed. Short in kitchen island footlights still not repaired. Direct TV satellite still not installed.

   At this point, we'd had enough. We leave the Suite Pea with Tiara for service to start at 6 AM Friday and we check into a hotel room for the night. Aah! Full service! Air conditioning! And we get to sleep in!

   Friday 5 PM: Return to Tiara at the end of their shift. TV satellite installed. AC installed. (Although not checked out). Wrong fan ordered/shipped for the refrigerator. Not installed. Short in kitchen light still not repaired. Service Center closed for the weekend and we're out of vacation time.

   While all of this is going on, we are trying our best to keep an appointment with an Amish gentleman in Shipshewana to discuss him building and installing a desk/dining room table combo for the Suite Pea; an appointment that is consistently being canceled and rescheduled.

   We leave Tiara and Elkhart behind us and head for Shipshe where we check into a 30A campsite at Shipshewana Campground North. It's convenient to Mr. Yoder's farm and woodworking shop. He takes pity on our plight and he and his family come to us to take measurements and retrieve a cupboard door so as to match the stain.
   Meanwhile Don is struggling mightily to turn off the zone 2 AC that SHOULD run independently from the zone 1 AC unit, but isn't. It's consistently tripping the breaker.Houston? We have a problem. Do we stay in the area, returning to Tiara on Monday morning to fix the problem while Don's pay is docked or do we find us a 50A site to see if we trip the breaker there as well? Fortunately, Shipshewana Campground North has a sister park on the south side of town with 50A hookups. We pack it in and are on the move again.
Fill'er Up!!

   Finally by 9 PM we're unhitched, settled in, with no problems with the breaker, and we're ready for some supper. Since we had anticipated our frig being shut off for the fan installation, our food supply is limited. That's okay. There's mouth watering made from scratch, Amish cooking to be had in town.
   OH NO! What's this? They roll up the sidewalks in town at 9 PM? We settle for Subway, not quite what our taste buds had anticipated. That evening, under the light of a full moon, we stroll hand in hand listening to the gentle cadence of horse hooves clop, clop, clopping down the lane. How relaxing! We needed that!

   Saturday morning after a simple breakfast of oatmeal and strawberries we venture out to do some grocery shopping. Being quite familiar with the area, we know the Amish shops to visit for baked goods, bulk foods, meats and dairy products. Driving the back roads through the bucolic countryside soothes our weariness and frustrations.
   We end our day snug in our home on wheels, being lolled by the rain on our roof, thunder rolling across the sky, and the decision made to return in the Spring for repairs when Don is FINALLY retired and we are no longer under any time constraints

   P.S. Our bedroom slide is still sticking.
   Here's looking at you kid..................................

Friday, July 13, 2012

Never Too Old To Learn

   Our youngest daughter complained the other day that we hadn't blogged in a while, but what does one write about when one is stagnating in one spot in this oppressive Summer heat? Except for almost 1 week of record breaking triple digit temps, the temperature gauge has been hovering in the 90's. As of today, it has also been 43 days since we last saw any rain. Everything is brown; burn bans and water conservation laws are in effect.
   So this brings us to----what?
   Well, living in an rv full time even if we're not traveling has been a learning experience for us.
   What have we learned?
   We've learned that rv air conditioners & refrigerators do not operate as efficiently as those in stick & brick homes.
   We've learned why a 5th wheel this size comes with 2 AC units. One will assist the other in keeping the rig at a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout. When we purchased the Suite Pea, we opted out of having 2 AC units since I am not a big fan of air conditioning. The recent hot weather and living with a "struggling" AC unit has changed my mind greatly. We are having a second air conditioner installed the first week of August.
   Which brings us to the refrigerator.
   Unlike a residential or commercial frig, rv refrigerators are Freon free. They operate by gravity with food becoming cold from the freezer downward. We've also learned that unlike a residential unit that runs more efficiently the better stocked it is, the rv frig runs best with less food stuff, allowing for greater air flow/circulation.
   This has been difficult for me as I enjoy cooking and utilizing quite a large variety of ingredients. I am learning to prepare more simple and "basic" meals and less "gourmet" style.
   We have also learned that the more frequently the freezer or frig doors are opened, the interior temperature rises, causing less cooling of the food. (Kind of hard staying out of the frig for ice, water and tea with this hot humid weather). We invested in a dorm-sized refrigerator for the pass-through to hold our drinks, thus eliminating the constant door opening of the rv frig.
   Research and word of mouth, also taught us that, one, a small battery operated fan placed inside the frig on a low shelf aids the air inside to circulate, and two, a 12 volt fan installed behind the freezer will assist with the cooling. We did purchase and are using a small fan for the interior. We inquired into having the 12 volt fan installed at the same time as the 2nd AC unit is being installed. Hopefully all these changes will improve our living conditions.
   What else have we learned?
   We've learned that we can live quite comfortably and happily inside our 5th, making do with less. I am also enjoying the fact that instead of spending 3 days on housework and another on the yard, I now spend only a few hours tending to our living quarters. What a blessing that is!

Here's looking at you kid...............................................

Monday, June 11, 2012

One More Down, Only 28 Left to Go

   Since we are both big fans of baseball, one of the items on our "To Do List" while full timing, is to visit each of the major league ballparks.
   Seeing as how our beloved Detroit Tigers were going up against the Cincinnati Reds in inter league play this weekend, and that Cincy was a mere 2 hour drive away, off we went to cheer on our boys and to visit our 1st National League ballpark.

  Having both been born and raised in the Detroit area, we grew up on Tiger baseball and Ernie Harwell. We have remained life long fans of the team.

   We donned our Tiger gear and headed for the Cincinnati downtown riverfront. We thought we'd have lunch beforehand at a restaurant made popular on Guy Fieri's show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Terry's Turf Club. However, that was not to be. The Turf Club is just a little hole-in-the-wall and at 1:30 (2 1/2 hrs. before game time), the line was already out the door and down the street. Seeing as how we wanted to be at The Great American Ballpark when the gates opened so we'd have time to explore the facility prior to the game, we decided to save this diner for a future visit.
   Off to the riverfront we headed to Toby Kieth's which is within walking distance of the field. The wait, an hour and a half. With 2 strikes against us thus far, we decided we'd eat inside the ballpark.
   Mmmm, the pulled pork sandwich with Coca-Cola BBQ sauce from The Smokehouse was well worth the wait.

   After exploring and picking up a souvenir bat and ball for our oldest grandson, we located our seats. 6 rows directly behind the Tigers dugout! WOW! Great seats! And to put icing on the cake, the Tigers ace Justin Verlander was pitching. I have a soft spot for pitchers seeing as how our youngest daughter was one. She played Fastpitch Softball for 14 yrs.

   We enjoyed a great game, albeit in sweltering 90 plus degree heat. The Reds fans were very friendly, polite and gracious (even after the Tiger win). Speaks volumes for the city.

   On our return trip to Indy we stopped off at another little hole-in-the-wall joint for a late supper. Wagner's Village Inn in the quaint little Indiana  town of Oldenburg. It had been several years since we'd last ate here but the cast iron skillet fried, black-pepper seasoned chicken was just as delicious as we remembered it. This bar has basically remained unchanged for the past 44 years.

  All in all a fun time was had by the both of us!

   Here's looking at you kid...........................

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


   The move is complete! We are presently living at Lake Haven RV Retreat in Indianapolis, IN until Don's retirement.
   I wasn't sure for awhile there if we'd survive the packing, moving, and all the other innumerable things that goes along with it and still have our sanity (and marriage) intact. But with God's grace, lots of deep breathing exercises and counting to 10 plenty of times, we did it!
   The Suite Pea isn't as organized as I'd like her to be as our Shelf Genie storage won't be installed until the second week of August due to slide work we're having done July 30th. While in northern Indiana with the slide, we'll take the time to visit Lehman's to discuss my plans for a desk/dining table combo I've designed. Hopefully they'll be able to accommodate me (and at a reasonable price). Those two improvements should help tremendously.
   Did I mention I'm still playing catch up with 30 years of photographs to scrapbook? I have pictures and supplies piled in the living area and the bedroom as well. It'll give me something to do in the winter months, but right now it's infringing on our much desired space. Definitely switching over to computerized scrapbooking after this.

   As for Lake Haven, it's not a bad little park. It's clean and quite. Lots of returning snowbirds here. Convenient to the interstate and Don's work. A nice size laundromat with all new equipment. It has a small lake (pond actually, if you're from Michigan), that's really quite pretty.

   The lake has a small beach, which I guess is fine if you're a kid. As an adult I'd prefer a pool.

   The sites are a little closer together than we'd like, but hey, at least we don't have any little yapping dogs near us. All in all, it serves it's purpose.

   Now last but not least, Don and I have an ongoing disagreement. He contends that since we now live in the Suite Pea that we are officially fulltimers. I on the other hand, claim that until we can pick up and go where we want, when we want, we are merely "trailer park trash". 8-)
   What say you?

   Here's looking at you kid......................................

Friday, April 27, 2012

IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

Going from 2500 sq. ft. of living space, to a 37 ft. rig
   Much to our delight, our house is sold after only 5 days of being on the market. This took us totally by surprise as we fully expected for it to be up for sale for a few months at the very least.
   Our closing is in 1 month after which we have 10 days to vacate the premises.
   The "Suite Pea" is presently sitting in our driveway.


   I've started loading what I can into it. Believe me when I say that no matter how much you've purged beforehand, it's not enough.
   I am presently going room by room, of which we have 13, not to mention an attic and garage, and putting items into 8 different piles.
   My piles are named too. Mom, Kristi, Leslie, Bobbi, Yard Sale, Goodwill, RV and Trash. Every item in every room is presently being moved to one of those piles.
   Thank goodness next Monday is heavy trash pick-up and the neighborhood garage sale is May 5th. Talk about good timing!
   We've already reserved our site at Lake Haven Retreat in Indianapolis. Lot #100 will be our new home until Don's retirement.
   I've also noticed that our "To Do Lists" (his and mine), appear to be getting longer and longer. I didn't think it was supposed to work that way.
   That being said, I gotta run.

   Here's looking at you kid.............................

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The House Is On The Market!

   It's been 5 years in the making but our home in Greenwood, Indiana is finally up for sale. Our real estate agent from F.C. Tucker put the sign up in front of the house last Monday.

   Since then, there has been no rest for the wicked. Literally. If we're not laying awake half the night thinking up "What If" scenarios, (that would be Don, mostly), then we're trying to get our housework and yard work done around showings.
   We'd forgotten how much stress and work was involved in selling a house, after all, it's been 19 years since we'd moved into our present home.
   They say the market for existing homes in our county is improving and at this time there are fewer homes available to buyers presently looking to purchase. Hope that's a true statement. Maybe we'll get lucky from the Open House we have scheduled for this Sunday.

   Wish us luck!

Here's looking at you kid................................

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


   It's been a while since either Don or I have posted on our blog.
   Much has been happening with us these past few months.

  I had found myself dealing with a health issue that consumed much of my time and energy. With the love and support of Don, our family, dear friends, and God's healing grace, I'm beginning to feel whole once more.

 We also became grandparents again (for the 7th time). Our middle daughter Leslie & son-in-law Jeff have become first time parents. We welcomed little Ava Grace into our family on March 11. Ava was born on her mama's 35th birthday. How special is that?!

   Don has been very hard at work on and around the house. Painting, updating two bathrooms, ripping out old carpet and a few other odd jobs. He's trying to make our home as attractive as possible to sell in todays' lousy housing market.
   As for me, well I just keep busy by adding to Don's "Honey Do" list and supervising his efforts. What a great gig, eh?
   We will be meeting with our realtor on Fri. April 13th to discuss listing our house. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can sell AND make a descent profit. Wish us luck.

   Here's looking at you kid.........................

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Its Giants vs Pats…… Eli vs Tom…Gayle vs Don

Super Bowl Shirt…………………………………..$40.00
Parking Downtown……………………………….$25.00
Dinner at the Irish Pub on Meridian…..$100.00
Beer after two days in Super Bowl Village…….$200.00
Tickets to the game in last row near the roof……$2850.00
Watching the game in my own home 6 miles away………..Priceless

As we spend our last full year here is Indianapolis, its fitting that the Super Bowl is here in town.  We went down several days and had a great time, and  spent a lot of money, but we really enjoyed our time in the downtown area…………………Indianapolis should be very proud.  They have done a great job!!!!

Today I will just sit in front of the tube and soak it all in.  Tomorrow I will starting putting all my efforts toward getting the house ready to sell.  Goal will be to put the for sale sign in the ground by April 1st!!!!!
SuperBowl 46
Go Pats…………
Here’s looking at you kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Big Game

   The Super Bowl comes to Indianapolis and so do thousands of visitors.
   Knowing this will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity to partake of the festivities leading up to a Super Bowl game, we dive right in.
   We head downtown to the heart of the city, Monument Circle, where the traditional Super Bowl numerals are on display. How magnificent they look on the cobblestone street in front of our Civil War memorial.

   Of course, what would the Super Bowl in Indianapolis be without Indy cars. A car has been painted to represent each team in the AFC and NFC conferences. Pretty neat! We check out the NY Giants and the New England Patriots cars, the two teams facing off on game day. We also check out our favorite teams' cars, the Indianapolis Colts and the Detroit Lions, our hometown team.

   Onward to visit the Super Bowl Village and all it has to offer. This is where the Zipline is at. It is 14 stories up and 800' in length. It's the longest, temporary zipline ever in the United States. A popular attraction with locals and tourists alike. We choose not to participate as we have no desire to wait a couple of hours in a line for a short lived thrill ride, even though the price of $10 is a bargain.

   There is plenty to see and do. The NFL Experience, the open air bars, the food, The Huddle, Lucas Oil Stadium, souvenir shopping, the free concerts, the fireworks, and so much more.

Don and our youngest daughter, Bobbi-Leigh, sharing a brewski.

    It's coming on to 9 PM. Time to head over to the Pepsi concert stage to see The Village People perform. We are actually here to see them sing their biggest hit, YMCA. Watching this mass of humanity in the street participate to this song brings to mind the Parrotheads at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

   The activities come to an end for the day. It's time to make our way home. Only six more days until the big game.
   Go Eli! Go Giants! Beat Brady in the house that Peyton built!

   Here's looking at you kid..........