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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Big Game

   The Super Bowl comes to Indianapolis and so do thousands of visitors.
   Knowing this will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity to partake of the festivities leading up to a Super Bowl game, we dive right in.
   We head downtown to the heart of the city, Monument Circle, where the traditional Super Bowl numerals are on display. How magnificent they look on the cobblestone street in front of our Civil War memorial.

   Of course, what would the Super Bowl in Indianapolis be without Indy cars. A car has been painted to represent each team in the AFC and NFC conferences. Pretty neat! We check out the NY Giants and the New England Patriots cars, the two teams facing off on game day. We also check out our favorite teams' cars, the Indianapolis Colts and the Detroit Lions, our hometown team.

   Onward to visit the Super Bowl Village and all it has to offer. This is where the Zipline is at. It is 14 stories up and 800' in length. It's the longest, temporary zipline ever in the United States. A popular attraction with locals and tourists alike. We choose not to participate as we have no desire to wait a couple of hours in a line for a short lived thrill ride, even though the price of $10 is a bargain.

   There is plenty to see and do. The NFL Experience, the open air bars, the food, The Huddle, Lucas Oil Stadium, souvenir shopping, the free concerts, the fireworks, and so much more.

Don and our youngest daughter, Bobbi-Leigh, sharing a brewski.

    It's coming on to 9 PM. Time to head over to the Pepsi concert stage to see The Village People perform. We are actually here to see them sing their biggest hit, YMCA. Watching this mass of humanity in the street participate to this song brings to mind the Parrotheads at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

   The activities come to an end for the day. It's time to make our way home. Only six more days until the big game.
   Go Eli! Go Giants! Beat Brady in the house that Peyton built!

   Here's looking at you kid..........