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Monday, June 11, 2012

One More Down, Only 28 Left to Go

   Since we are both big fans of baseball, one of the items on our "To Do List" while full timing, is to visit each of the major league ballparks.
   Seeing as how our beloved Detroit Tigers were going up against the Cincinnati Reds in inter league play this weekend, and that Cincy was a mere 2 hour drive away, off we went to cheer on our boys and to visit our 1st National League ballpark.

  Having both been born and raised in the Detroit area, we grew up on Tiger baseball and Ernie Harwell. We have remained life long fans of the team.

   We donned our Tiger gear and headed for the Cincinnati downtown riverfront. We thought we'd have lunch beforehand at a restaurant made popular on Guy Fieri's show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Terry's Turf Club. However, that was not to be. The Turf Club is just a little hole-in-the-wall and at 1:30 (2 1/2 hrs. before game time), the line was already out the door and down the street. Seeing as how we wanted to be at The Great American Ballpark when the gates opened so we'd have time to explore the facility prior to the game, we decided to save this diner for a future visit.
   Off to the riverfront we headed to Toby Kieth's which is within walking distance of the field. The wait, an hour and a half. With 2 strikes against us thus far, we decided we'd eat inside the ballpark.
   Mmmm, the pulled pork sandwich with Coca-Cola BBQ sauce from The Smokehouse was well worth the wait.

   After exploring and picking up a souvenir bat and ball for our oldest grandson, we located our seats. 6 rows directly behind the Tigers dugout! WOW! Great seats! And to put icing on the cake, the Tigers ace Justin Verlander was pitching. I have a soft spot for pitchers seeing as how our youngest daughter was one. She played Fastpitch Softball for 14 yrs.

   We enjoyed a great game, albeit in sweltering 90 plus degree heat. The Reds fans were very friendly, polite and gracious (even after the Tiger win). Speaks volumes for the city.

   On our return trip to Indy we stopped off at another little hole-in-the-wall joint for a late supper. Wagner's Village Inn in the quaint little Indiana  town of Oldenburg. It had been several years since we'd last ate here but the cast iron skillet fried, black-pepper seasoned chicken was just as delicious as we remembered it. This bar has basically remained unchanged for the past 44 years.

  All in all a fun time was had by the both of us!

   Here's looking at you kid...........................

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


   The move is complete! We are presently living at Lake Haven RV Retreat in Indianapolis, IN until Don's retirement.
   I wasn't sure for awhile there if we'd survive the packing, moving, and all the other innumerable things that goes along with it and still have our sanity (and marriage) intact. But with God's grace, lots of deep breathing exercises and counting to 10 plenty of times, we did it!
   The Suite Pea isn't as organized as I'd like her to be as our Shelf Genie storage won't be installed until the second week of August due to slide work we're having done July 30th. While in northern Indiana with the slide, we'll take the time to visit Lehman's to discuss my plans for a desk/dining table combo I've designed. Hopefully they'll be able to accommodate me (and at a reasonable price). Those two improvements should help tremendously.
   Did I mention I'm still playing catch up with 30 years of photographs to scrapbook? I have pictures and supplies piled in the living area and the bedroom as well. It'll give me something to do in the winter months, but right now it's infringing on our much desired space. Definitely switching over to computerized scrapbooking after this.

   As for Lake Haven, it's not a bad little park. It's clean and quite. Lots of returning snowbirds here. Convenient to the interstate and Don's work. A nice size laundromat with all new equipment. It has a small lake (pond actually, if you're from Michigan), that's really quite pretty.

   The lake has a small beach, which I guess is fine if you're a kid. As an adult I'd prefer a pool.

   The sites are a little closer together than we'd like, but hey, at least we don't have any little yapping dogs near us. All in all, it serves it's purpose.

   Now last but not least, Don and I have an ongoing disagreement. He contends that since we now live in the Suite Pea that we are officially fulltimers. I on the other hand, claim that until we can pick up and go where we want, when we want, we are merely "trailer park trash". 8-)
   What say you?

   Here's looking at you kid......................................