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Friday, March 7, 2008

Well the Wagon has been ordered

   After months and months of looking, we have settled on a fifth wheel. It's funny because this was one of the first ones we looked at back in the Summer of 07'. We have looked at many motorcoaches and 5'ers. Mobile Suites by Doubletree, came out on top. Lots of storage, lots of room to move around in! We ordered it from Walnut Ridge in New Castle, Indiana. What a dealer. Jake Davis walked us around on a Saturday last summer and we stayed in contact with him throughout the winter. As I said we looked at lots of RV's and talked to many dealers. There are some very good dealerships out there with great products. But in the end, Mobile Suites won hands down.

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Sue and Doug said...

well congrats on the purchase of your home on wheels!! the fun can begin!..oh by the way..if you write I will you had better get use to seeing my name!!..have a good one!!