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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Question of the Day………..

As I dream of sunny beaches  or crisp desert mornings, I was pondering this thought.  Since I’m still 20 plus months away from retirement and our full time dream,  this thought popped into my head.  If I’m still working and living in my RV am I considered a Full-timer?
Why you might ask, We’ll put the house on the market next spring, and if it sells next year we will move into the RV.  So would I be a full-timer????  I will still be a few months away from retirement.  

The tough part is that we may

spend a winter in the Suite P.  The wife hasn’t warmed up to the idea just yet, but I’m working on her…….. 
Nothern Adventure 2008 108
There are a few options here in the Indianapolis area  so it can be done.  I like Lake Haven on the Southside and its only about 5 miles from the plant.  I have reminded her that the Mobile Suites is a four season 5’ver.  But as of this writing she isn’t biting………………………………I still have some time…..

Here’s looking at you kid…………………….


Merikay said...

I would put the house on the market as soon as you can. It may take some time to sell, but if it sells before you are done working, you can always rent an apartment.

Judy and Emma said...

I think I'm with your wife on that one. Winter in Indianapolis in the fiver doesn't appeal to me.

Yes, you'd be a fulltimer as far as I'm concerned.

Merikay's idea of renting seems like the ticket to me. :)

Don said...

Come on ladies don't gang up on me... :)

Sue and Doug said... vote would be to put the house up for sale..if it sells rent an apartment until the weather improves..and then park the fiver in a campground near your new 'home' and enjoy!..nice to see the other 'golden Tucker'!!