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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rally was fun and sad too!

Rally ended yesterday morning with the hitch up breakfast.  Most of the club showed up around 8 ish and said our good byes over coffee and donuts.  Most of the club members are snowbirds and were getting ready to start heading to their winter haunts.  I’m jealous because I am one of the few that still has to work……..Yes I said it, the 4 letter word, work, work, work.

  I love staying in the rig, it just  feels right.  

 I keep dreaming of the day when we'll wake up in our own bed and can be anywhere we want to be and  still be home!   I  kinda get sad when I have to go back to the S & B  and leave the rig, even though its in the drive.  The house is too big, and Rig is Just Right!!!!!
To Errr is human, to Arrrr is  pirate!
But alas, as I said, some of us are still working so in our case, we headed home to Greenwood and parked the rig in the driveway.  Started taking things out of the Suites. We may go out one more weekend before we winterize and park it on it’s pad next to the Garage for the up coming winter…………………and maybe not.........)&a*@;)^%%%$#^&!!!!!!!

misc 2011 Lisbon rv park 087
New Officers for Chapter 51
misc 2011 Lisbon rv park 094
misc 2011 Lisbon rv park 096
misc 2011 Lisbon rv park 088
Coffee and Conversation………
misc 2011 Lisbon rv park 098
See ya next year at the spring rally… travels everyone!

Here’s looking at you kid……………………

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