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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reading Blogs and dreaming’

   Been reading blogs today, and dreaming what will it be like to leave the home we’ve raised our girls in and where we’ve lived for over 20 years.  Tree’s that are now 25 feet tall that we planted when they were 5 feet  high.  Beloved pets lay buried in the backyard. Graduations, wedding rehearsal dinners, holidays & grandchildren visiting. Lot’s & lots of memories. Yes the girls have all left the nest and now have lives of their own.  Their bedrooms are empty but the memories remain.   I’ll miss this home, that’s for sure.
 Getting the house ready to sell  is a slow process but one that all  full-timers  take to go from sticks and bricks to a life on wheels.   The girls have all claimed what they want, and we will sell everything else.  Next Spring we will put the house on the market and we'll have the “Everything must go Sale”, after that, what’s left will be given to Goodwill or tossed!

The neighborhood garage sale starts this Saturday and we will be active participants in it.  The trick now is what to sell that we won’t need in the coming year. 
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Making progress one trinket at a time.
Here’s looking’ at you kid……………………………..

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