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Friday, September 16, 2011

Carl’s Park, Indiana’s smallest Park

I was up at 6am this morning  to put the coffee on for the Chapter's “Coffee and Conversation”. It starts at 8am every morning of the rally and I've been elected to make the Java........

.  After breakfast and showers, Gayle, Tucker, and I headed to Hagerstown to the Abbot Candy Co.  to sample some homemade treats that they’ve been making since 1890.  After picking up a few goodies,  $90.00 worth, we headed to Richmond for some fish at that great fish restaurant,  The Cracker Barrel.  Came back to the campground and took a nap. 
Took Tucker for a walk around the lake here at the park and found Carl’s Park.  Indiana’s smallest park.  One flag pole, one bench, and one trash can.............What a hoot.  Here are some pictures of it. 

At 4pm, we went up to the club house and had a great time making paper airplanes and trying to fly them thru a target for prizes.  We each got 4 tries and I tied Maurice for a Fly off, which I lost. 

Had a great meal made by Betty and Stan.  Meat ball sandwiches.  Had a lot of fun  with some super friends

Here’s looking at you kid……………………

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