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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mountain Driving……………Not sure about this one!!!

I’m an avid RV Blog reader, I read the blogs like the morning paper.  It keeps me living vicariously  thru my fellow RV bloggers while we are getting ready for our launch day.  This morning I was reading, THE BAYFIED BUNCH, and a comment Al made about his annual route to the southwest…….   He’s thinking about traversing the famous “wolf creek pass”.  So being the kinda guy I am I started researching it.   7% and 8% grades.  OMG…….Not sure I’m ready for that……
Wolf Creek Pass
Sooner or later I’ll have to face my fears and take the Suites over the mountains if I want to see some great views and enjoy the west like so many folks do, but for now I’ll just sit here and watch, Earl and Al do it…………………….Winking smile


Sue and Doug said...

I think I have found a new favorite blog to read! the video!..I am with you on the hills!!..but I just ride 'shot gun'!!

Merikay said...

ah... What's a little 7* grade!

We are totally inexperienced and my dear DH has brought our motor home and parked it on our land. We are now 1/4 mile from a level road. (Not counting the level pad we sit on.) Coming in was not bad, but one of these days he will want to drive it back out. the first 1/8 mile is 11* grade. And he wonders why I worry!

Merikay said...

I just watched the video! That ride never ends! It's all down hill! Aside from getting out of our road we will be doing the "grapevine" over the mountain into the LA basin from the central valley CA this winter. I've driven it many times in a car, so the RV is mo worry. We have diesle and exhaust breaks.