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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene hits the East Coast

Hurricane Irene has landed in the New England area, wind and water at break neck speed.  These conditions are not compatible to the RV world.  But when your home is on wheels you just load up and move.  I follow many blogs out there and I know there are a few that are in the storms path.  Stay safe my friends........................

Yesterday we made a little more progress toward launch day.  Gayle has been attacking the attic.  We moved all the trophies out and Bobbi-Leigh came over and took the tags off.  A lifetime of softball tournies all over the USA.  It was fun to see these beautiful trophies that our teams won over the years.  Travel ball and high school ball has been fun, have devloped some great friendships and we have seen a lot of country because of this great sport.

We are making progress

Here's lookin at you kid....

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