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Sunday, October 16, 2011


   A beautiful day for a Sunday drive. Sunny and temps near 80 degrees. We decided to pack a lunch, grab Tucker, and head down to Yellowwood State Forest in Indiana's infamous Brown County. From research we'd done online, we knew there were 80 primitive campsites scattered amongst the trees and near the shore of Lake Yellowwood.
   We hoped to find that we'd be able to maneuver our rig into one or more of the campsites. If so, we plan to utilize the area next year to hone our boondocking skills. Something we've yet to try in the Suite Pea. Most of the sites were too tight for a rig our size but we did find 3 that we think will be suitable.

   The facility offers a store, a pay phone, a very nice picnic area, a playground, drinking fountains, vault toilets and many hiking trails . No other amenities that we could see. Some other pluses we liked was no road noise as it is off the beaten path, no lights at night to disturb us and Tucker could be off leash most of the time, something he enjoys.

 We were very pleasantly surprised to find out just how beautiful and clean the camping area was. The lake was even more so, with fishing boats to rent. It is a no wake lake, with no homes on it, just dense woods all around. We understand the fishing here is excellent. We definitely want to test the validity of that statement!
   We're really wanting to get some dry camping experience under our belts to the extent that we'll feel comfortable doing so when we hit the road full timing. We have quite a list of areas in the West, Southwest and in Alaska that we hope to visit where boondocking will be all that's available.
   After checking out the surrounding forest we backtracked to the picnic area which sets atop a hill overlooking Yellowwood Lake and feasted on our picnic lunch. The crunch of dried leaves underfoot, the smell of woodsmoke in the air and a gentle breeze blowing across the just doesn't get much better than this.

    After bidding adieu to Yellowwood we headed to a favorite ice cream parlor, Brewster's. This is Don's favorite time of the year to sample ice cream because pumpkin is usually on the menu. Of course Tuck's favorite time is anytime. He wad delighted to find not 1, but 2 doggie bones stuck in his dish of vanilla ice cream.
     We started to make our way home but I got sidetracked when I spotted the covered bridge entrance into Brown County State Park. Another photo op.

Then through a very bustling downtown Nashville, a popular artsy craftsy destination for locals and tourists alike.

 Along the drive home we spotted an unusual sight, for Indiana at least, and just had to stop for a closer look. Texas Longhorns! Why, we haven't seen any of these since, well, the last time we were in Texas, 8 years ago.

  Nope, not a bad way to spend a splendid Autumn day.

 Here's looking at you kid............ 


Sue and Doug said...

sounds like the three of you enjoyed perfect Sunday!!..nice pictures of Yellowwood State Forest!!..
Our Tucker enjoys being off leash too..much better than on a leash..he likes to be free and run and run some more..!!..and then throw some water into the mix and he is in 'doggy heaven'!..stay tuned...there will be a post from his day!!

Merikay said...

Looks like it was a nice day. It is always nice to be able to check out a place before you pull in.

Kevin and Ruth said...

We love boondocking. Make sure you get set up with lots of solar and some good batteries. Even now in Mexico, we may stay in a campground but we always ask for a price with no electricity. We love being indepentant!

Yellow Wood looked like a great place and I think Tucker really enjoyed it there.

Kevin and Ruth

Nan said...

a vet owns the cattle. he also has camels. you were within 3 miles of our place! hoprfully, we will meet someday.