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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


   Some of you have viewed the new addition to our blog, the U.S. map showing the states we have visited, & have raised questions.
   Old friends want to know why we are showing only 3 states when they know that we have traveled to several states, Canada & Mexico.
   New acquaintances want to know why the states between Indiana & South Carolina are not colored in; surely we passed through others to reach our S.C. destination.
   Here's where the 'splainin' part comes in to play. We have criteria that each state must meet in order to be colored in on our map. We feel that passing through a state or even resting ones head there overnight just doesn't count as having visited the state. We feel we must spend at least one week seeing the sights in any one state for it to be designated on our map. Now in response to our "old" friends, we must be in the "Suite Pea" when we do it. "Suite Pea" is only 2 yrs. old & hasn't traveled extensively yet.
     Sure hope this answers y'all questions!

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